Reflections – How thick is your skin?

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During a recent brainstorm session with a colleague two hours was spent coming up with ideas for both of our business models, website content, and the like.  As we shared suggestions and modifications to consider I was impressed at each of our ability to take feedback and apply it where necessary.

Personal and professional growth have been at the heart of many breakthrough moments. Though it may be difficult at times hearing what needs to be heard can be just what is needed to keep us on track.

Would you consider yourself thick skinned?  How do you handle feedback from colleagues or customers?



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4 thoughts on “Reflections – How thick is your skin?

  1. How do I handle feedback from colleagues or customers? Well, at first I feel terrible, but I snap back rather quickly and am very appreciate for the feedback and a chance to improve. Change things only if I agree with the feedback. 🙂 The customer is NOT always right.

    • True Rochelle! Finding a happy medium with customers can be tricky. I appreciate your sentiments about feeling terrible with feedback initially.
      In the end we are grateful when people come from an honest place and sincerely want to help us.

  2. I think it depends on how the message is delivered too! Even if it’s not something we necessarily want to hear, if it’s said in a kind, constructive or professional way it’s easier to take it in the way it was meant. Also, probably affects how self confident you are…