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Business blogging is a challenging feat for many business owners.  When speaking with professionals I’ve heard a myriad of responses as to why they struggle to keep an active blog. Have you expressed any of the below sentiments relating to your business blog?

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Some reasons for not keeping an active business blog   (1) Not enough time (2) More pressing priorities (3) Perceived lack of topics (4) Writing skill limited.  Well know that you are not alone. Check out the latest stats on business blogging according to a study by

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In my next post we’ll share tips on getting an active business blog started and keeping it going.

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Websites, Plugins, Content Oh My!!

As a small business owner have you found it difficult to find the right website solution? Worrying about the intricacies of websites, can easily keep you away from vital revenue generating activities.  Marketing your business with a WordPress website makes for a cost effective, customized, and accessible option.  

In Episode #6 of Small Business Marketing Report #SBMR hosts Sean Clark and Robert Tyson of the Tyson Report give the nitty gritty of WordPress, web host options, plugins, and much more. This podcast solidified for me why WordPress has been the best option for Efficacy Plus.

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Source, Sean MacEntee
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Got WordPress?

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Are you an expert developer? Love HTML/CSS code and the, creativity it provides web designers?  If you’re like many small business owners you just don’t have the time or expertise.

Interested in hearing why WordPress is one of the best solutions for small business website development?  The top reasons I highly recommend it to clients are:

• Business brands need ease of customization

• Responsive and smartphone enabled

• Sleek professional designs are a plenty

• Affordable solution

This platform has allowed me to create a simple web solution for the online home of my business. The wealth of online support and developers willing to work on WordPress is vast.

Chime in, is WordPress one of your favorite platforms for building websites? If not what is and why?

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