3 Ways to Secure your Evernote Data

In a recent post on using Evernote for tax planning a reader asked, “What about security?” Keeping our data safe in a digital world is a constant challenge and it is no different when using cloud based systems for business.  Author and speaker Michael Hyatt gave a thorough overview listing 6 reasons you can be sure your Evernote data is secure.  See post here.

To date Evernote has increased their security features to include (1) 2-Step verification, (2) account history, and (3) authorized applications which are available to Premium and ‘gratis’ account users. Check out this blog post for details.

Whenever choosing new resources for business or home it is always a good practice to check the data security settings and options.

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Paperless Tax Planning with Evernote

What comes to mind when tax season arrives?  Stress?  Frustration?  Many of us tend to feel at least a measure of increased tension as tax season approaches.  Going through a year’s worth of paperwork associated with business transactions and whittling them down to a few spreadsheets or folder items is rarely a welcomed task.  Let’s take a look at how you’re accustomed to prepare for tax season and consider how to do them the Evernote way.


Tax Planning Then

The organized business owner generally keeps a properly labeled set of folders with financial documents, statements, payroll information and charitable donations archived in the office or home.  Then, as tax season arrives, these documents creep out claiming real estate on much of our desks or the desk of our tax preparer.

This can be a tedious process for even the most organized business owner.  For those that let the documentation take over, scattered paper piles, some online files, and still others at the office can really get out of hand.  Once office documentation gets to this point no doubt a hike up Mission Peak (Fremont, CA) on the hottest of summer days may be a preferred activity.

Consider Evernote Now

Invest in an affordable scanner for the office (a Fujitsu ScanSnap retails for under $500 on www.amazon.com) or check out http://goo.gl/uAL6CC – Evernote scansnap.  Connect it to your Evernote account.  Then, every time you receive a bank/credit card statement, charitable donation acknowledgement, or other financial documentation simply scan directly to your Evernote account.  Statements can even be “clipped” to your Evernote account.  These documents can all be organized into a notebook labeled ‘Finances’ or ‘2013 Taxes’.  Evernote allows you to tag each statement type if more specifics needed (i.e., Bank, Charitable Donations, Payroll).  See here Adam Dachis, LifeHacker blogger suggestions for other affordable scanning tools and suggestions on running a paperless office.

Spend most of your time outside of the office?  Most smartphones allow for a quick snapshot of receipts (i.e., business trip dinner with clients) and tagging these images with a tag like ‘client receipts’ insuring these are organized.  Evernote partners like Docscanner can improve the quality of your snapshot making it easier to search within this tool.  Camscanner has been my iPhone scanner app of choice.

Saving time and energy during tax season with Evernote will allow you to get back to business. When taxes are done, save your paperwork in the same folder by scanning it, or adding the PDF into your notebook.  Your previous year’s tax documents will be securely in one place for easy reference the following tax season.

Have you gone paperless?  If so what tools are working for you?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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Perfectionism Slowing Business Down?

Do you struggle with perfectionism, analyzing every detail relating to a business project, or launch??  Spinning your wheels in an effort to get it #perfecteverytime will slow down business growth.  The amount of additional stress stifles creativity.

Fears and Dreams Quote - Pinterest

Source: Gerard Asay, Flickr

As a busy parent and spouse I find family and my faith helps to keep things in perspective. Once I’ve researched and planned to move forward on an idea, it is then time to #justdoit! Taking unnecessary time to second guess is counterintuitive.  Decisively implementing as appropriate and adjusting along the way has led to greater discovery and success.

In a recent post three observations were discovered by #girlentreepreneur as she launched a new product.  She comments, “Taking action forces me to address and overcome any REAL problems the business will face.”

Do you agree with her sentiments?  How do you keep the perfectionism monster under control?  Chime in!!

Be effective in ALL you do!!

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Did you know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?  Many business owners have shared the horror of realizing their systems were compromised, and I’ve personally provided support during the process of backup, replacing , and researching these attacks.  Have you experienced the loss of productivity, frustration and lack of preparedness such an attack can cause?  In this post we’ll learn more about Botnets and how to protect ourselves.

According to StaySafeOnline, Botnets are generally networks of computers infected by malware (computer virus, keyloggers and other malicious software) and controlled remotely by cyber criminals, usually for financial gain or to launch attacks on website or networks.  Botnets may infect and use laptops, desktops, servers, routers, smartphones, or any other network equipment to conduct malicious activity.

Title Screen

Source: TTC Press Images, Flickr

All computers connected to the Internet are susceptible to malware infections.  Stay Safe Online, powered by National Cyber Security Alliance provides the below keys to survival in the Digital Age:

Keep a Clean Machine

Keep software current: Having the latest operating system, software, anti-virus protection, web browsers and apps are the best defenses against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Enable automatic updates: Most security software will automatically connect and update to defend against known risks. Turn on automatic updates if that’s an available option.

Protect all Internet-connected devices:  Remember smartphones, tablets, gaming systems and other devices can be infected with viruses and malware, too. Protect them like you would your computer, including updating apps and operating systems.

Plug & scan:  USB sticks, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs and other external media can be infected by viruses and malware. Use your security software to scan them.

Connect With Care

When in doubt, throw it out:  Delete any online communications (i.e., texts, emails, social media posts) that look suspicious, even if you think you know the source.  

Get savvy about Wi-Fi hotspots:  When using a public or unsecured wireless connection, avoid using sites and apps that require personal information like log-ins.

Be cautious about “scareware”:  Cybercriminals have used fear to compromise your computer and to steal your personal information, which may include credit card information and banking login credentials. If you get security notices saying you are infected and need to purchase software, these could very well be attempts to compromise your device.

If You Think You’re Infected:  If you are notified, become aware, or suspect your computer has become a bot, take immediate steps to remove malware.  You can find a list of free botnet detection and remediation resources at www.stopthinkconnect.org/keepacleanmachine.

And lastly, update passwords periodically this can be a great way to keep our computers and data safe.

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What is an Administrative Consultant Anyway?

By definition, “Administrative Consultants are experts (due to their many years of administrative experience) who specialize specifically in the business and art of administrative support (hence the “administrative” part of the term). And because we have such a unique, bird’s eye view of peoples’ businesses, many Administrative Consultants also offer clients advice and guidance on administrative systems and how they can streamline their operations and improve efficiency and effectiveness (this is where the consulting hat comes in and why “consultant” is part of our term). – (http://www.administrativeconsultantsassoc.com/)


Source, rodaniel

Our professional title is one avenue for potential clients, colleagues and others to understand our field of work or unique skills we possess.  My professional background has provided a vast array of experiences in Human Resources, Marketing, Customer Service and Education.  The majority of these experiences were gained while working with top Executives, steering HUGE organizational changes.  This really provided a front row seat into the most confidential of information as key decision makers would change their companies for years to come.

When meeting other business owners and educating them about Administrative Consulting, it seems the term is still fairly new.  This may be because Administrative Consulting is a unique niche, and no two consultants are alike.  This profession can be likened to musical artists who lean towards eclectic musical genres not completely “fitting” into a specific box of jazz, reggae, classical, and so forth.  Many times I’ve found these artists to be the most creative, inspiring musically, and all around cool!!  Administrative Consultants specialize in social media, project management, transcription services, video editing, and a host of other specialties.

The advances of technology in the digital space have really allowed for Administrative Consultants to have increased flexibility in the way they work.  Working from my home office has been a regular occurrence for much of my career and is how I currently engage with my client’s on a regular basis.

If you are a life coach, business consultant, speaker, or small business service provider I’d be happy to learn more about your business.  Let’s connect!

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Letting Go…

The year is quickly moving towards it’s end.  What is helping you stay creative and moving forward?  Monday’s I dial into a call to get a great burst of inspiration.  In a recent Les Brown Motivational Monday call a guest speaker spoke on the subject of “letting go”.  He told several stories where decisively moving on was necessary to help him stretch professionally. Can you identify?

Building an administrative consultancy has provided me with the ability to let go of any limiting beliefs.  How freeing this has been!!  Other lessons I’ve learned along this journey…

  • Grow your brand
  • Find your niche, it may take time, but this will help find the RIGHT clients/customers
  • Understand how customers VIEW us, then build business solutions with this in mind
  • There is still a lot of education needed as the industry of administrative consultancy or digital office management is still growing

Many times it can take a fresh perspective or strategic partner to help us with this process of letting go.  Could I be of support?

Be effective in ALL you do!!



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