The Art of Social Media – A Book Review

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During the Blogher 2014 conference, I met both Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki. They were both very down to earth and gracious not only online but in person. After meeting them I was excited to receive a pre-book launch digital copy of The Art of Social Media early and slowly started digesting it's goodness. With hyperlinks galore I was able to quickly click and have a look at a specific tool suggested and make notes.
Guy and Peg show you specific “how to” information from profile optimization to tying everything in your profile together. They recommended having a great headshot for your avatar and staying consistent and straightforward with account naming. Both of their Twitter handles are their names. How can you not find @guykawasaki and @pegfitzpatrick? Something to consider for entrepreneurs who have yet to create their online profiles or are rebranding.
Learning social media is all about experimenting with what works for YOUR brand and business.

While reading this warm and informative book, it felt as though Guy and Peg had invited me to a private planning session. It feels as though you are looking over Guy and Peg's shoulders while being given an insider view into their secrets to success in social media and creating an authentic voice online.

"If you share purely for the joy of helping others, the amount of goodness and reciprocity you'll receive will surprise you."

Shouldn't that be why we all use social media? Guy discourages readers from feeling entitlement online and are urged to respect the opinions of others. Thanks Guy!! What a great message for businesses and brands.

The Art of Social Media will make you eager to start testing and retesting your social media strategy. In the book, their are reminders that the current social media channels and tools DO and WILL change. It is important to consistently modify and work to share great content.

Social newbie? This book is for you. Social long timer? This book is also for you. The Art of Social Media is the most honest and useful reference guide for social media influence. It will enable you to rock social.

Keep this book near your computer or in your e-reader to help improve your social media strategies and influence. Do keep in mind this book should be taken in small bites. All the resources and suggestions given will require time to test and compare to what you already implemented with your social media strategy. Even these two social media super users are not privy to Facebook's algorithm variances. So the key to social media success per Guy Kawasaki is test, test, test!

"…do not take our word as gospel. These are our tips, tricks, and insights, and we hope they work for you. In a perfect world, however, you would develop better techniques than ours, and you'd tell us how to improve our game too."

Ready to rock social??  Order your copy of The Art of Social Media on Amazon today!  Oh and before I forget, check out this awesome list of online apps and social media tools provided via Peg's follow-up blog post here. 

I'd love to know what you thought of the book, please share in the comments.  Any other HOT books on social media your reading for 2015?



Visual Content for Social Media with Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzgerald – #CanvaConvert


Last week Mari Smith, Peg Fitzgerald, and Guy Kawasaki tag teamed to share great tips on

FREE visual content and social media.

Visual content is needed to supercharge engagement on social media.  Canva makes graphic design

accessible to beginners and advanced users.

Canva will be one of my top  tools for creating graphics with text and for updating my Facebook page.

added to the task list 🙂

For helpful tutorials see the Canva Youtube page.

Here are 10 tips shared to help create visual content for social media that pops!

1) Think like NPR 

 Daily many of us visit this news site and find engaging, entertaining, and educational info.  Ask whether you’ve achieved this with each of your posts.

2) Be Bold.

Feel free to express your opinions.  This works especially well for platform builders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  For corporate consider company policies and norms.

3) Add DRAMA.

Images can say a lot with minimal text.  Add the wow factor by using GREAT graphics.  Try

4) Give credit where credit is due.

When using images or others posts make sure to reference the author.  It’s the neighborly thing to do!!

5) Size matters for social.

Be aware of how your post images look on different media.  For instance a G+ post will have a different appearance on a desktop versus mobile.  People view their social media on mobile devices.  Plan accordingly.

6) Schedule posts.  

Social media can be time consuming.  Organizing yourself by scheduling posts can help keep consistent presence online.  Need tools to help?  See #9 & 10 below.

7) Spread out posts.  

Remember to trickle your info out.  Depending on your audience the frequency of posts have to be considered.

8) Take the temperature of your social networks.

Listen and engage with your audience.  The whole point of social media is to engage.  Respond when possible and listen to your audience.  Relationship marketing is a two-way street.

9) Services for social media.

SocialBro, Tailwind, HootSuite, Buffer, SproutSocial, Tweetdeck

10) Great content sources.  

Alltop, Feedly, HolyKaw, NPR, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

[Tweet “I am a #canvaconvert. Join me?”]

Need help creating great visual content for your blog or social media?  Let’s talk!

Do you have any handy tips to add to the list.  Join the conversation…



FREE Small Business Seminar – Grow Your Biz with Social Media

IMG_1559Many opportunities abound for small business owners to grow their businesses with social media.  The challenge is understanding how to make this an integrated marketing strategy that will get you the results you desire.

The Alameda Small Business Development Center will be presenting a FREE session to help give small businesses more detail about where to start with their social media strategies.

If you’re in the area add this training session to your schedule.

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Fremont Main Library
2400 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont
Monday, April 21
6 pm to 8 pm

Many businesses find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, deals, and whatever new social network is rolling out that month—there’s a lot to keep up with. And there are only so many hours in each day. The number of possibilities can feel overwhelming. This session will help make sense of the noise.

What you will learn:
– to make the most of the combination of email and social media for your business or organization
– a greater understanding of marketing basics like goals and objectives
– what a “campaign” is and what to write about and offer in that campaign
– powerful tips for how to get your messages opened and read, shared and socially visible
– tools to help engage with your existing supporters as well as expand your reach to new prospects

Throughout the session you’ll be given opportunities to capture your own ideas and build out the framework of your own “next great campaign.”

To attend this free seminar RSVP to

For more sessions like this in other regions search by zip code here.

If you are looking for hands on support schedule a business exploration session.  I’d be happy to help.


Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

Do you find cheat sheets useful?  If you answered YES check out this social media cheat sheet infographic.

Social media for small business can feel like a HUGE undertaking.

Next month on April 3rd I’ll be joining a colleague to discuss social media and marketing for small businesses.

Did you find this useful?  I sure hope so…

For more information or help with your social media marketing efforts connect with me I’d be happy to help.

Be effective in ALL you do!


Digital Marketing Success with G+…Getting Started

Last weekend I joined 40 business owners invited to the first Google Blitz session held at a local site in Mountain View, CA.
The Diversity Marketing Team and Small Business Team spent over 3 hrs bringing awareness, answering specific questions, and offering resources to the group. Some Google resources shared to grow your business were, Google Apps, Free Website, Accelerate with Google, Google Adwords, any many others. Many in our group were not aware of the myriad of marketing and engagement opportunities available. So here are some quick tips from Google on getting started and promoting your business brand via G+.

Google Blitz - 2.14

SET UP your profile
Create your Google+ page at
Before you start sharing with your customers, select a GREAT profile photo-this is the number one way people
will recognize you on Google+. Check out a quick video to get you inspired here. Don’t be afraid to add a few extra unique photos, complete the About section including
links to other destinations where you can be found across the web.

CREATE circles and engage with your customers/audience
Use Circles to segment your visitors, customers, and even internal teams. The goal is to share the right information
with the right people. Create a posting schedule, and post at least once a day, or multiple times weekly. This will insure you
are providing fresh and interesting content to spark genuine conversation. Optimal posting times vary, we suggest to post 10 am – 1 pm.
Engage your audience by posting questions and asking for feedback. Make sure to respond actively through your comments and +’1 feature.
Regularly host Hangouts (easy to use, multi-person video chat) to have a real face to face conversation with your customers.

FOLLOW the Accelerate with Google Page
Google+ pages help you build relationships with the people and organizations that matter the most to your business. Search for the organizations
that matter most and help you grow your business online. Search for the Accelerate with Google page and follow it TODAY!

PROMOTE your Google+ Page
Spread the word about your Google + page by sharing your page with people from your personal Google+ profile, your email contacts and by posting
a link to your page on relevant blogs, websites and other social destinations. Include the Google+ badge on your site to allow people to +1 from your homepage
with +1’s on your Google+ page and ads (using Adwords Social Extensions), increasing the number of recommendations for your site.

Well that’s it for now. GO get started with G+ and have fun building your business online with these awesome resources for small business.
Are you a coach, speaker, or service provider stumped by all of this? I can help! Schedule a 20 minute business exploration plan, and don’t let 2014 go by without optimizing your digital marketing plan with G+.

Be effective in ALL you do!


Small Business Social Media Safety – Stay Vigilant!

Recent news reports continue to be flooded with retailers customer data being stolen.  As technology advances and we become increasingly connected

staying vigilant about online social media profiles is imperative.  Social Media today blogger Irfan Ahmad shared an enlightening infographic via InstantCheckMate.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.59.56 AM

InstantCheckMate reports 66% of Facebook users are not aware of privacy settings and 15% of Americans have never checked their social networking privacy and security account settings.

Staying up to date on security issues and your privacy in social media takes time, but cannot be ignored.  See tips for Facebook privacy here Facebook Behind the Privacy Settings.

Are you tired of worrying and need some help with your social media strategy or community management.  I’d love to help!




Is Social Media a Black hole?

Social media is a black hole! – Photo Credit via Pinterest

Social media is a black hole!  Gasp!  (clutching pearl necklace) 🙂  

During a recent networking roundtable discussion business owners shared confusion and lack of success figuring out social media. The opening sentiment was expressed by a business owner stumped by the popularity and use of social media.    

If you asked this post title question of highly successful Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy World  you would get a resounding reply of, “Heck no.”  One quote from his book, “It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half.” 

Social media success is truly accomplished when adding value.  It still amazes me the great relationships I’ve built with followers via  Twitter and G+.  Adding expertise, personal experience, and truly caring about your audience is paramount.  Dan Schawbel Forbes article 14 Memorable Quotes from Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,  gave a great overview of Vaynerchuk’s approach and lessons.

As the year comes to a close I’ll be doing a deeper dive into Vaynerchuk’s book.  To hear him speak further on this topic check out The Future of Social Media on YouTube.


I survived 31 Days of Blogging!

October has come and gone and I’ve completed my #blogboost hosted by  Let me share with you a few takeaways from this challenge.

Be Realistic – With an energetic and talented group of professionals I set out to blog each day during the month of October.  Being realistic about my blogging schedule and committing to posting weekly was more feasible for me.  Though I averaged a once per week post, archiving insightful news clips, podcasts, and YouTube vids never stopped.  This challenge fueled my excitement to share more tips, trends, and small business goodies as time goes on.

Find Your Blogging Rhythm – Every blogger has to find their own rhythm.  Like most things in life we need to find our road and stay on it.  The goal is to get started and stick to a schedule that works.  If our rhythm slows, adjust accordingly.

Just Do It! – Blogging for business does not have to be a chore.  It’s OK to add a personal life experience into our blog to keep it interesting.  The goal is to “just do it”.  Fresh content creation is always the goal!  But, it is perfectly OK to share what we’ve learned or appreciated from another blogger or professional periodically.  The options are endless, we simply need to get the ball rolling.

So if I completed a 31 day blogging challenge you can do it too!!  Check out these handy resources I found along the way to help inspire your inner blogger.

Happy blogging!

Jenelle – Business Blogging – Get support – 20 Quick Tips on Writing Blog Posts


Why a Social Media Policy?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term, “Common sense is not that common”.  This quote can also relate to your social media policy.  When relying on others to create or post on your behalf having a clear policy in place prior to posts can help alleviate any confusion or misrepresentation of your brand and company.

Katrina Bennetts comments in her recent blog post, “Having a social media policy ensures everyone has a clear understanding on what is permitted and acceptable to engage in while using social media. When followed, it ensures the integrity of the brand and provides clear instruction to all employees, consultants and business owners. A good social media policy will show users how to conduct themselves on social media and informs them of their responsibilities when using social media.”

If you need help with putting a social media policy in place Efficacy Plus can be of service.  Contact us via our contacts page or the below email for a consultation.

Be effective in ALL you do!!


To read Katrina’s full blog post click here:  Social Media Policy




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