Just One Thing for 2015 – MultiTasking is DEAD

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Just One Thing for 2015

Do you find yourself still trying to re-focus as the new year is racing along?  Many have their usual long list of resolutions and intentions.  And others including myself  have decided to focus on just one thing.

During a recent episode of Pat Flynn’s – Smart Passive Income podcast he shared http://www.the1thing.com/.  This book zeroed in on why multitasking can do more harm than good.  In fact the authors called it counterproductive.

Having the courage and intention to focus on what’s important takes time.  Silencing the noise and saying no to multitasking takes daily habit resetting of expectations for yourself and those who demand much from you.  This book really gives the why and the how helping to break the bad habit of “doing it all” and multitasking.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!

We have the best of intentions, when racing from one activity to the other in an effort to get EVERYTHING done.  Well after reading “The 1 Thing” no more multitasking allowed for me.  

A colleague recently shared how she sets specific vows and an overall theme to stay focused.  What a grand idea!  As I thought about what was to come for 2015 this method seemed really affective.  

So for 2015 CREATIVITY will be my one thing.  Creativity will be my theme when focusing on blogging , business, and family goals.  Nothing to slow you down like the feeling of wanting to progress but not moving as fast as you’d like.  Well that is OK.  For me as long as I am staying creative and finding ways to move forward that will do just fine.

Thinking creatively spurs action and action spurs completion of goals.

So for 2015 what is your ONE thing?

Wishing you a great year!


Mid-Year Review – Are you reaching your 2014 goals?

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Have you made progress or completed your 2014 goals?  Are you doing "stuff" and not really accomplishing what you'd set out to?

With bulging daily to-do's we can easily continue to move forward and not take a moment to reflect and refocus for increased success.

Popforms does a wonderful job of sharing leadership ideas and simple strategies to lead with purpose.

A few weeks back Popforms wrote a post focused on the importance of conducting a mid-year review.  With all the productivity tools, tricks and tips, we

often just need quiet and focus to be more strategic about goals, in life, business, and as a person.  Check that post out here.

A key few areas to review mid year are:

– Uncovering strengths and weaknesses

– Defining values and principles

– Crafting your purpose

– Reflections of the past

– 5 year plan

Like many I'd like to think im super-organized, have it all planned out, and am working progressively toward intended goals.  The challenge is life throws us many curveballs testing our agility at every turn.  I'm still in the process of reviewing and recharting my course as necessary.  What about you?

Do you take time for a mid-year review?  What adjustments have you made after doing this?

Let's continue the conversation!  Use #midyearreview2014 on Twitter and I'll tweet you back.

Be effective in ALL you do!



Vulnerability and Your Business – Ted Talk Thursday

Do you find it difficult to show vulnerability in your business branding efforts?   Gary Vaynerchuk encourages businesses to “Use every customer point of contact to weave stories about who you are and what your brand stands for.”  Human connection is at the core of what every human yearns for.  In order to do this effectively vulnerability

is inevitable.  When you think of your business brand, why a customer buys from you, and how you solve their pain points your being vulnerable can be a unique way of winning their business.  Listen in as Brene Brown discusses the Power of Vulnerability.  


Does showing your vulnerability play a role in how you market your business brand?  Share your comments below.

Best wishes,


Building an Online Business – It’s a Journey not a Sprint

Building a business that can compete in the crowded digital space is not for the faint of heart.

Most will tell you it was the little steps that brought it all together.  Consistent, and purposeful

actions can pay off in time.  Has this been your experience?

This slideshare deck gives the visual story of Darren Rowse @problogger.  Do any of these points resonate with you?

Remember your business growth is a “journey not a sprint”.

It’s not always about quantity…The Art of Unblogging

The 2nd quarter of this year I’ve found myself a bit delayed with blog posts.  Daily I’ve made a habit of curating, journaling, and reviewing content.

Networking with local business owners has kept me on the road more than usual.

Blogging is a journey not a sprint, a commitment to the task is paramount for long-term  success.

As the old adage goes, “Anything worth having is worth working for”.


This blog post about “unblogging” gave me clarity on why it’s OK to take a break from blogging.  It’s important to find what works for you, your business, and life.  So go ahead you have permission to “unblog” when needed…onward


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Roar into Business Planning for 2014

Last night after a productive and fun local Chamber of Commerce mixer I was out of energy and needed to refocus.  What did I do?  Watch the current season of The Voice artists continue to wow us with their artistry, risk taking, and unique approaches toward music.

Olivia Henken performed “Roar” a pop favorite by Katy Perry.  Her courage to push limits as a country star hopeful and deliver an unexpectedly amazing performance made me think of my 2014 business plan goals.


Business planning for 2014 will need to be flexible and SIMPLE for Efficacy Plus, here are a few goals I’ll be implementing.

Plan to COMPLETE at least 3 things each day.  You read that correctly.  If overwhelming task lists are staring at you a feeling of defeat sneaks up slowing momentum and progress. Completing high importance business tasks daily gives me time and energy to focus on what is critical for that day then move on to the next priority.

Keep blogging. Companies that blog more than 15 times a month get 5 times more web traffic and 10 times more inbound leads. (from Hubspot report 2012)  During the mixer I attended a fellow business owner shared his excitement about winning a new customer because of his blog.  Providing relevant industry trends, tips, and sharing more about my brand will be a continued activity.   Reading statistics then actually speaking to REAL business owners benefiting solidifies why blogging for business is a must.

Stay active in local market.  The last quarter of 2013 has been full of new relationship building opportunities.  Many of the business owners I’ve met are looking for help with marketing and blogging.  It’s been enlightening to understand how and why providing project support for these folks will truly help them grow their brands and ultimately increase revenue

These are just a few of the items going into my 2014 business plans.  How do you plan to “roar” into business for 2014.  I’d love to hear from you!!




Perfectionism Slowing Business Down?

Do you struggle with perfectionism, analyzing every detail relating to a business project, or launch??  Spinning your wheels in an effort to get it #perfecteverytime will slow down business growth.  The amount of additional stress stifles creativity.

Fears and Dreams Quote - Pinterest

Source: Gerard Asay, Flickr

As a busy parent and spouse I find family and my faith helps to keep things in perspective. Once I’ve researched and planned to move forward on an idea, it is then time to #justdoit! Taking unnecessary time to second guess is counterintuitive.  Decisively implementing as appropriate and adjusting along the way has led to greater discovery and success.

In a recent post three observations were discovered by #girlentreepreneur as she launched a new product.  She comments, “Taking action forces me to address and overcome any REAL problems the business will face.”

Do you agree with her sentiments?  How do you keep the perfectionism monster under control?  Chime in!!

Be effective in ALL you do!!

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Small Business Burnout Tips to Avoid Losing Steam

2013 has been full of new and exciting adventures at Efficacy Plus.   Daily demands of building a business and managing family cannot be denied.  If there were a guaranteed method for sustained increased productivity I’d be one of the first in line.  🙂

What can help keep the fire and passion of small business ownership burning hot?  Consider these 3 tips I’ve found helpful:

1. Establish priorities based on goals.  Being goal oriented helps me to alleviate unnecessary tasks.  Chasing after a 2 yr. old and managing other conflicting priorities does not lend itself to a strict daily calendar.  Staying agile yet focused on goals has helped move projects along that otherwise would not be completed.

2. Minimize multitasking.  Notice the emphasis on “minimize” multitasking, do you find it difficult to stop this terrible habit?  You’re not alone!!  The distractions of doing multiple things at once can be down right BAD.  Have you ever been in a conversation where you’ve asked a question and the person you’re speaking with wasn’t paying attention?  Not only can this be seen as rude, you’ll find tasks or conversations may have to be repeated due to the lack of attention the first time.

3. Take time to have REAL conversation.  Taking the time to enjoy a real conversation with a loved one or colleague is a great way to rejuvenate.  Spending extensive amounts of time connected to our digital gadgets can really take a toll on the ability to make real connections.   Doing this can fuel increased creativity make us more productive during our next work session.
Burnout is avoidable if we pace ourselves.  We’ve all heard the saying, “This is a journey not a sprint.”

Do you have strategies to avoid burnout?  Share what has worked for you in your business.

Be effective in ALL you do!

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Letting Go…

The year is quickly moving towards it’s end.  What is helping you stay creative and moving forward?  Monday’s I dial into a call to get a great burst of inspiration.  In a recent Les Brown Motivational Monday call a guest speaker spoke on the subject of “letting go”.  He told several stories where decisively moving on was necessary to help him stretch professionally. Can you identify?

Building an administrative consultancy has provided me with the ability to let go of any limiting beliefs.  How freeing this has been!!  Other lessons I’ve learned along this journey…

  • Grow your brand
  • Find your niche, it may take time, but this will help find the RIGHT clients/customers
  • Understand how customers VIEW us, then build business solutions with this in mind
  • There is still a lot of education needed as the industry of administrative consultancy or digital office management is still growing

Many times it can take a fresh perspective or strategic partner to help us with this process of letting go.  Could I be of support?

Be effective in ALL you do!!



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