Is Google Authorship DEAD, a few things to be considered…

Google Authorship was a must for many content marketers.  Many (including myself) hurriedly added this tool to our websites hoping to yield more SEO.  Though many of us didn't fully understand it's relevance we knew it was important.

As is the case with all new technology things change and evolve.  Google Authorship is no different.  In fact you'll hear in this show data reveals this experiment didn't yield exactly what they had hoped. This video really goes into the specifics of the state of this tool.

Is Google Authorship something you have yet to add to your website?  See tips here to get started…

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3 Great Branding Tips from Poo Pourri

This past weekend at the Blog Her Conference I came across a brand called Poo Pourri.  This company markets pleasant spray scents

for you to do, (clearing my throat) THE DO.  The idea is to spray it prior to using the restroom.

When I saw their branding at the conference I took a double take.  I mean really?

As I’ve been catching up on email I had a new message from Marie Forleo’s “Marie TV”.

3 great branding tips can be taken away from Poo Pourri’s marketing strategies.

They are getting it right by being focused, strategic, and true to their core customer.  This company has their marketing and branding down and are winning BIG.



So what are the 3 strategies, check them out below and listen in as Marie Forleo helps us better craft our branding message.

1) Know your Poo Crew

Knowing your core customer and speaking directly to them really streamlines marketing and branding efforts.  Let them be the voice and introduce your brand to others.  We cannot be everything to everyone.

2) Don’t give a hoot about anyone else

No, we are not saying be unauthentic or insincere.  The point is to focus all your efforts on your core customer.  It can easily stave off those that may not be good for your products and services. Give it time, especially if you’re just starting out.

3) Spray your brand scent everywhere

Never miss an opportunity to share your brand.  Each page of our website and all other branded marketing tools can share a powerful message.  Use these opportunities to our advantage.

Hope this was useful!  If so give me a shout and let me know your best “go to” branding tip to score big with customers.  I am all ears!

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Visual Content for Social Media with Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzgerald – #CanvaConvert


Last week Mari Smith, Peg Fitzgerald, and Guy Kawasaki tag teamed to share great tips on

FREE visual content and social media.

Visual content is needed to supercharge engagement on social media.  Canva makes graphic design

accessible to beginners and advanced users.

Canva will be one of my top  tools for creating graphics with text and for updating my Facebook page.

added to the task list 🙂

For helpful tutorials see the Canva Youtube page.

Here are 10 tips shared to help create visual content for social media that pops!

1) Think like NPR 

 Daily many of us visit this news site and find engaging, entertaining, and educational info.  Ask whether you’ve achieved this with each of your posts.

2) Be Bold.

Feel free to express your opinions.  This works especially well for platform builders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  For corporate consider company policies and norms.

3) Add DRAMA.

Images can say a lot with minimal text.  Add the wow factor by using GREAT graphics.  Try

4) Give credit where credit is due.

When using images or others posts make sure to reference the author.  It’s the neighborly thing to do!!

5) Size matters for social.

Be aware of how your post images look on different media.  For instance a G+ post will have a different appearance on a desktop versus mobile.  People view their social media on mobile devices.  Plan accordingly.

6) Schedule posts.  

Social media can be time consuming.  Organizing yourself by scheduling posts can help keep consistent presence online.  Need tools to help?  See #9 & 10 below.

7) Spread out posts.  

Remember to trickle your info out.  Depending on your audience the frequency of posts have to be considered.

8) Take the temperature of your social networks.

Listen and engage with your audience.  The whole point of social media is to engage.  Respond when possible and listen to your audience.  Relationship marketing is a two-way street.

9) Services for social media.

SocialBro, Tailwind, HootSuite, Buffer, SproutSocial, Tweetdeck

10) Great content sources.  

Alltop, Feedly, HolyKaw, NPR, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

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Need help creating great visual content for your blog or social media?  Let’s talk!

Do you have any handy tips to add to the list.  Join the conversation…



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