PROFIT FIRST – A Simple System to Transform Any Business… (Obsidian Press, 2014)

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

The summer months have been full of family travel and events.  While I've been off my blogging schedule I have been catching up on my business reading.  

Profit First… gives a great reality check and action steps to help insure our business is profitable. Check it out and let me know what you thought of it!  

Last year at the July 2014' Blogher conference during a discussion with Guy Kawasaki, Arianna Huffington shared lessons learned during her career.  She really proved to be a grounded and gracious individual with wisdom anyone open to living a more full life could implement.  This interview was a highlight of the 3-day conference.

In fact, as eager attendees waited patiently in line to get pictures and signed copies of Arianna Huffington's book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder .  Arianna's team attempted to hurry her along as she had a flight to catch.  Instead of turning away the group she insisted on signing each and everyone's book.  There were approximately 20 or so more folks in the line.  This was really sweet of her as I to was able to get my purchased copy signed.

Marie Forleo of MarieTV talks further with Arianna in this 17-minute informal discussion.  Have a listen and let me know what you think!

After reading her book I've implemented several of the suggestions that have contributed to keeping balance on a daily.  

1) Getting more sleep has been a priority for me.  Whenever we have conflicting priorities it's important to get restful sleep for optimum energy and mood.  This year I've stopped staying up until the morning hours trying to "get things done".  I've had to sacrifice momentum, but I definately feel better which will benefit me for years to come.

2) Stop treating my phone like a GOD.  Staying connected to those we love and are important is fine.  Nevertheless it's important to put our communication tools in their place.  This contributes to more productivity, focus, and well-being.

Have a great weekend be well and thrive!



The Art of Social Media – A Book Review

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.16.25 AM
During the Blogher 2014 conference, I met both Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki. They were both very down to earth and gracious not only online but in person. After meeting them I was excited to receive a pre-book launch digital copy of The Art of Social Media early and slowly started digesting it's goodness. With hyperlinks galore I was able to quickly click and have a look at a specific tool suggested and make notes.
Guy and Peg show you specific “how to” information from profile optimization to tying everything in your profile together. They recommended having a great headshot for your avatar and staying consistent and straightforward with account naming. Both of their Twitter handles are their names. How can you not find @guykawasaki and @pegfitzpatrick? Something to consider for entrepreneurs who have yet to create their online profiles or are rebranding.
Learning social media is all about experimenting with what works for YOUR brand and business.

While reading this warm and informative book, it felt as though Guy and Peg had invited me to a private planning session. It feels as though you are looking over Guy and Peg's shoulders while being given an insider view into their secrets to success in social media and creating an authentic voice online.

"If you share purely for the joy of helping others, the amount of goodness and reciprocity you'll receive will surprise you."

Shouldn't that be why we all use social media? Guy discourages readers from feeling entitlement online and are urged to respect the opinions of others. Thanks Guy!! What a great message for businesses and brands.

The Art of Social Media will make you eager to start testing and retesting your social media strategy. In the book, their are reminders that the current social media channels and tools DO and WILL change. It is important to consistently modify and work to share great content.

Social newbie? This book is for you. Social long timer? This book is also for you. The Art of Social Media is the most honest and useful reference guide for social media influence. It will enable you to rock social.

Keep this book near your computer or in your e-reader to help improve your social media strategies and influence. Do keep in mind this book should be taken in small bites. All the resources and suggestions given will require time to test and compare to what you already implemented with your social media strategy. Even these two social media super users are not privy to Facebook's algorithm variances. So the key to social media success per Guy Kawasaki is test, test, test!

"…do not take our word as gospel. These are our tips, tricks, and insights, and we hope they work for you. In a perfect world, however, you would develop better techniques than ours, and you'd tell us how to improve our game too."

Ready to rock social??  Order your copy of The Art of Social Media on Amazon today!  Oh and before I forget, check out this awesome list of online apps and social media tools provided via Peg's follow-up blog post here. 

I'd love to know what you thought of the book, please share in the comments.  Any other HOT books on social media your reading for 2015?



Just One Thing for 2015 – MultiTasking is DEAD

Man focusing on phone

Just One Thing for 2015

Do you find yourself still trying to re-focus as the new year is racing along?  Many have their usual long list of resolutions and intentions.  And others including myself  have decided to focus on just one thing.

During a recent episode of Pat Flynn’s – Smart Passive Income podcast he shared  This book zeroed in on why multitasking can do more harm than good.  In fact the authors called it counterproductive.

Having the courage and intention to focus on what’s important takes time.  Silencing the noise and saying no to multitasking takes daily habit resetting of expectations for yourself and those who demand much from you.  This book really gives the why and the how helping to break the bad habit of “doing it all” and multitasking.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!

We have the best of intentions, when racing from one activity to the other in an effort to get EVERYTHING done.  Well after reading “The 1 Thing” no more multitasking allowed for me.  

A colleague recently shared how she sets specific vows and an overall theme to stay focused.  What a grand idea!  As I thought about what was to come for 2015 this method seemed really affective.  

So for 2015 CREATIVITY will be my one thing.  Creativity will be my theme when focusing on blogging , business, and family goals.  Nothing to slow you down like the feeling of wanting to progress but not moving as fast as you’d like.  Well that is OK.  For me as long as I am staying creative and finding ways to move forward that will do just fine.

Thinking creatively spurs action and action spurs completion of goals.

So for 2015 what is your ONE thing?

Wishing you a great year!


Is Google Authorship DEAD, a few things to be considered…

Google Authorship was a must for many content marketers.  Many (including myself) hurriedly added this tool to our websites hoping to yield more SEO.  Though many of us didn't fully understand it's relevance we knew it was important.

As is the case with all new technology things change and evolve.  Google Authorship is no different.  In fact you'll hear in this show data reveals this experiment didn't yield exactly what they had hoped. This video really goes into the specifics of the state of this tool.

Is Google Authorship something you have yet to add to your website?  See tips here to get started…

Have a great week!


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3 Great Branding Tips from Poo Pourri

This past weekend at the Blog Her Conference I came across a brand called Poo Pourri.  This company markets pleasant spray scents

for you to do, (clearing my throat) THE DO.  The idea is to spray it prior to using the restroom.

When I saw their branding at the conference I took a double take.  I mean really?

As I’ve been catching up on email I had a new message from Marie Forleo’s “Marie TV”.

3 great branding tips can be taken away from Poo Pourri’s marketing strategies.

They are getting it right by being focused, strategic, and true to their core customer.  This company has their marketing and branding down and are winning BIG.



So what are the 3 strategies, check them out below and listen in as Marie Forleo helps us better craft our branding message.

1) Know your Poo Crew

Knowing your core customer and speaking directly to them really streamlines marketing and branding efforts.  Let them be the voice and introduce your brand to others.  We cannot be everything to everyone.

2) Don’t give a hoot about anyone else

No, we are not saying be unauthentic or insincere.  The point is to focus all your efforts on your core customer.  It can easily stave off those that may not be good for your products and services. Give it time, especially if you’re just starting out.

3) Spray your brand scent everywhere

Never miss an opportunity to share your brand.  Each page of our website and all other branded marketing tools can share a powerful message.  Use these opportunities to our advantage.

Hope this was useful!  If so give me a shout and let me know your best “go to” branding tip to score big with customers.  I am all ears!

Be effective in ALL you do!


Journey to blogger land…BlogHer Conference 2014 #blogher2014

This week I am excited to be attending the conference.

This will be my first bloggers conference.

It couldn’t be more convenient as it will be held in my hometown of San Jose, CA.

Score!!!  No air travel and hotel required.

Goals for this event:

  1. Make new contacts
  2. Improve writing through a writer’s session
  3. Get updates on future of blogging and current trends

A great value being provided for this event is a mentoring opportunity for all attendees.

The planners of this event have worked things so as to provide the highest level of connection and knowledge transfer.

Definitely a different experience, this will surely be worth the investment of registration fees.

Looking forward to sharing some takeaways.  Check out the at a glance schedule.

What professional development conferences, classes, or trainings have you employed?

Be well!