About YOU and me


I am a writer, accountability partner, and coach helping small businesses take their online influence further.

Working and living in the Silicon Valley has provided me a front row seat to watch and learn from thought leaders, and creative types doing amazing things.  I love helping people organize and get the most out of their systems, resources, and technology.

What does Efficacy mean?  By definition the term efficacy means "Power or capacity to produce a desired effect".  What desired effect do you hope to accomplish with your brand of products or services??

No matter what your brand of awesome hopes to accomplish, partnering together will provide you more time to be intentional, and insure your message shines through.  With the many services, products, and tools available to run a business online today, you can easily spend days, weeks, and months in the business of doing business.  

Is that why you started your venture?

As a busy professional there is no limit to the demands on your time.  

Content marketing, blogging, and social media provide a seemingly endless array of creative possibilities helping you to build a business with impact.  Are you overwhelmed by the choices?  Maybe you've purchased new systems, but don't want to bother with implementing them.  Don't fret I CAN help.

In my conversations with business owners most are either overwhelmed by technology or just to busy.  Have you found it difficult to fully execute on your strategic goals due to wrestling with operational tools and systems?  You've hired vendors yet don't have enough hours in the day to manage the projects they are involved in.  Now what?

You are…an established health and wellness coach, speaker, or author ready to build a strategic partnership. Profits have reached $100,000+ and your ready to take it to the next level.  Working with someone who will care for your business as much as you do and keep you accountable will help you reach intended goals.  It is clear if you don't make a change soon business goals and growth will be slowed due to lack of time and energy to get it all DONE.  So what are you waiting for?

How we will work together…collaborating via project management tools such as Asana will keep us up to date on project goals.  Working via Google Hangouts, Skype, G+ Drive, Dropbox are tools that keep me connected and organized. We will strive to be ambitious in our expectations yet understand modifying our course along the way will be necessary for maximum results. Having a sense of humor and mutual respect are a MUST.  

Ready to get started?  Contact me to claim your  20 minute consultation.

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It's Your Brand.  Your Story.  Your Voice.

Let's get started!


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P.S. – Curious about my professional background??  Of course you are…check out my Linked In for the deets.

P.P.S. – When not busy with business you can find me hanging with my 2 kids, hubby, or writing at my personal blog Thirty Plus Mom.com



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