Vulnerability and Your Business – Ted Talk Thursday

Do you find it difficult to show vulnerability in your business branding efforts?   Gary Vaynerchuk encourages businesses to “Use every customer point of contact to weave stories about who you are and what your brand stands for.”  Human connection is at the core of what every human yearns for.  In order to do this effectively vulnerability

is inevitable.  When you think of your business brand, why a customer buys from you, and how you solve their pain points your being vulnerable can be a unique way of winning their business.  Listen in as Brene Brown discusses the Power of Vulnerability.  


Does showing your vulnerability play a role in how you market your business brand?  Share your comments below.

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Value Based Pricing Increases Client Outcomes

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Source, Breaking the time Barrier…How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential

During a recent business mixer a consulting professional and I were sharing our experiences with value based pricing.  We laughed at the thought of being considered hourly employees by a client and having to answer the question, “What is your hourly rate to finish this project?”  My colleague and I agreed pricing of our work must be based on the outcomes achieved as a result of our work.  

A value based pricing model allows freelancers, consultants, and solopreneurs to focus on outcomes and solutions for clients.  “The value of what we do is based on the impact I can have on my client’s business.” – Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper, Breaking the Time Barrier…How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential.  

During the conversation with my colleague I was reminded of 2 lessons I’ve gleaned from building a value based pricing model into my practice.

1. Value based pricing insures the right client fit.  If a client lead is adamant about an hourly rate they may not be right for your practice.  It makes for a mutually satisfying agreement when your rates are accepted as just that your rates which are a sum of the expertise and knowledge you provide.  Once this is expressed clearly it should be respected.

2. Value based pricing allows for focused and solution oriented results.  A huge part of being a consultant is to analyze and provide customized solutions to your clients specific problems.  Your time and energy must be focused on activities that allow for creativity and educating your client where needed to achieve the greatest benefit from your knowledge and experiences.  Counting hours is not part of this.  Working by retainer via a value based pricing model really lends itself to the best outcome.

What has been your approach or experience with value based pricing models?  Please share your comments.

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More than a transaction…

Recently our family moved.  During this never welcomed transition a less than stellar experience with a popular Internet company ensued. We placed our move of service request in plenty of time to avoid any issues (or so WE thought).  It seemed to be an easy enough request as the distance to our new location was relatively close to our previous address.   While on the phone with the representative we were informed a charge of approximately $200 would be billed to make this happen.  Gulp!

A fee for install then another for a new modem.  I reminded the rep of the close proximity, my loyalty for over 10 years with this company, all with no success.  His tone was rude, and uninterested in providing me a better cost solution or at minimum enlisting the help of a manager.  This was a first as we had similar moves in the past.

Why did I share this story?  Two words come to mind, “customer experience”.  A customer should not be left to feel like an indispensable transaction.  The reason many companies do business is to service customers.

This experience solidified for me why it is important as a service provider to make each customer feel like they are my #1 priority. Not only hearing issues, but coming to a reasonable solution that will ensure continued business. Needless to say we have since moved to another internet service provider.

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