Journey to blogger land…BlogHer Conference 2014 #blogher2014

This week I am excited to be attending the conference.

This will be my first bloggers conference.

It couldn’t be more convenient as it will be held in my hometown of San Jose, CA.

Score!!!  No air travel and hotel required.

Goals for this event:

  1. Make new contacts
  2. Improve writing through a writer’s session
  3. Get updates on future of blogging and current trends

A great value being provided for this event is a mentoring opportunity for all attendees.

The planners of this event have worked things so as to provide the highest level of connection and knowledge transfer.

Definitely a different experience, this will surely be worth the investment of registration fees.

Looking forward to sharing some takeaways.  Check out the at a glance schedule.

What professional development conferences, classes, or trainings have you employed?

Be well!





FREE Small Business Seminar – Grow Your Biz with Social Media

IMG_1559Many opportunities abound for small business owners to grow their businesses with social media.  The challenge is understanding how to make this an integrated marketing strategy that will get you the results you desire.

The Alameda Small Business Development Center will be presenting a FREE session to help give small businesses more detail about where to start with their social media strategies.

If you’re in the area add this training session to your schedule.

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Fremont Main Library
2400 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont
Monday, April 21
6 pm to 8 pm

Many businesses find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, deals, and whatever new social network is rolling out that month—there’s a lot to keep up with. And there are only so many hours in each day. The number of possibilities can feel overwhelming. This session will help make sense of the noise.

What you will learn:
– to make the most of the combination of email and social media for your business or organization
– a greater understanding of marketing basics like goals and objectives
– what a “campaign” is and what to write about and offer in that campaign
– powerful tips for how to get your messages opened and read, shared and socially visible
– tools to help engage with your existing supporters as well as expand your reach to new prospects

Throughout the session you’ll be given opportunities to capture your own ideas and build out the framework of your own “next great campaign.”

To attend this free seminar RSVP to

For more sessions like this in other regions search by zip code here.

If you are looking for hands on support schedule a business exploration session.  I’d be happy to help.


Business Building on a Shoestring Budget

Business owners should never tire of fresh resources to stay creative, be abreast of market trends, and ultimately grow revenue.  Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) are open to all small business owners seeking training on a myriad of topics.  This organization’s mission, “The Small Business Development Centers of the Northern California SBDC Network help individuals manage the growth of their businesses. Our sole focus is on helping you improve your bottom line.  Even better, these resources are at no cost or a small fee depending on the service utilized.

Yesterday I attended a “gratis” seminar session hosted by my local library.  During this session a group of approximately 50 business owners came together to Grow Business with Email and Social Media.  This session offered an intense four hours of market trends, tips, and tools to move business branding further.  The speaker for the day, David Mitroff of Piedmont Avenue Consulting offered great statistics and realistic ways business owners could utilize social media to build their brands.  

After this session I was armed with additional resources and new contacts.  A thought David shared that stuck with me was simply, “Do something!”  Many business owners don’t take the time to research and build strategic marketing plans that will make social media work for them.

How do you stay up on the latest business trends for your business?  Have you benefited from the resources your local SBDC offers?

Enjoy your weekend!

Jenelle – Alameda County SBDC

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