Letting Go…

The year is quickly moving towards it’s end.  What is helping you stay creative and moving forward?  Monday’s I dial into a call to get a great burst of inspiration.  In a recent Les Brown Motivational Monday call a guest speaker spoke on the subject of “letting go”.  He told several stories where decisively moving on was necessary to help him stretch professionally. Can you identify?

Building an administrative consultancy has provided me with the ability to let go of any limiting beliefs.  How freeing this has been!!  Other lessons I’ve learned along this journey…

  • Grow your brand
  • Find your niche, it may take time, but this will help find the RIGHT clients/customers
  • Understand how customers VIEW us, then build business solutions with this in mind
  • There is still a lot of education needed as the industry of administrative consultancy or digital office management is still growing

Many times it can take a fresh perspective or strategic partner to help us with this process of letting go.  Could I be of support?

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More than a transaction…

Recently our family moved.  During this never welcomed transition a less than stellar experience with a popular Internet company ensued. We placed our move of service request in plenty of time to avoid any issues (or so WE thought).  It seemed to be an easy enough request as the distance to our new location was relatively close to our previous address.   While on the phone with the representative we were informed a charge of approximately $200 would be billed to make this happen.  Gulp!

A fee for install then another for a new modem.  I reminded the rep of the close proximity, my loyalty for over 10 years with this company, all with no success.  His tone was rude, and uninterested in providing me a better cost solution or at minimum enlisting the help of a manager.  This was a first as we had similar moves in the past.

Why did I share this story?  Two words come to mind, “customer experience”.  A customer should not be left to feel like an indispensable transaction.  The reason many companies do business is to service customers.

This experience solidified for me why it is important as a service provider to make each customer feel like they are my #1 priority. Not only hearing issues, but coming to a reasonable solution that will ensure continued business. Needless to say we have since moved to another internet service provider.

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Want more tips on GREAT customer service?

Need Clients? Don’t overlook your local Chamber of Commerce!

Fremont Chamber Member Plaque

Fremont Chamber Member Plaque

Having a steady flow of clients/customers is an obvious lifeblood of any business.  The question of the ages, “Where do I find my specific clientbase?  I have spent plenty of time online networking and building great rapport through various social media channel.  Guess what I was forgetting!!  My local market here in the East Bay, CA.  Gasp!

I am officially a member of my local Chamber of Commerce and plan to share my insights as new business relationships and potential clients are found.

Are you a member of your local Chamber?  Share your experiences!

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Efficacy Plus Interviews Mark Pierce – WP Back Up Service

Websites take great time and effort to design and protect. Do you have a backup restoration plan for your self-hosted WordPress website? If not help is on the way. Check out this brief interview I hosted with Mark Pierce of www.wpbackupservice.com.  The education he’s providing is sure to help small business owners sleep more soundly knowing their websites are safe.

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Got WordPress?

Business Counseling

Photo credit:  USACE HQ

Are you an expert developer? Love HTML/CSS code and the, creativity it provides web designers?  If you’re like many small business owners you just don’t have the time or expertise.

Interested in hearing why WordPress is one of the best solutions for small business website development?  The top reasons I highly recommend it to clients are:

• Business brands need ease of customization

• Responsive and smartphone enabled

• Sleek professional designs are a plenty

• Affordable solution

This platform has allowed me to create a simple web solution for the online home of my business. The wealth of online support and developers willing to work on WordPress is vast.

Chime in, is WordPress one of your favorite platforms for building websites? If not what is and why?

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Need more info?  http://seanclark.com/wordpress/why-not-wordpress-podcast/

How is your elevator pitch?

Hands Shake

Networking day to day forces me to practice expressing what I do in a few short phrases.  It brings joy to share a piece of myself, experiences and gifts in a way that will help others not only today but beyond.

The challenge is getting to the point making what I do tangible for others to understand how I can be of service.

Great read below by John “Z” Zeydel of Arkham Executive’s Batman, makes you think more deeply about enhancing your elevator pitch/speech and whether it is really making a lasting impression on potential clients or contacts.  This blog piece hit a chord with me, do you have the same struggle?  If not what works for you and why?

For an awesome example of what to do and what not to do check out this video from author Micheal Hyatt http://youtu.be/-t1ar_IpmUU.

Thanks for reading and sharing!!


The Death of Elevator Speech


Why a Social Media Policy?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term, “Common sense is not that common”.  This quote can also relate to your social media policy.  When relying on others to create or post on your behalf having a clear policy in place prior to posts can help alleviate any confusion or misrepresentation of your brand and company.

Katrina Bennetts comments in her recent blog post, “Having a social media policy ensures everyone has a clear understanding on what is permitted and acceptable to engage in while using social media. When followed, it ensures the integrity of the brand and provides clear instruction to all employees, consultants and business owners. A good social media policy will show users how to conduct themselves on social media and informs them of their responsibilities when using social media.”

If you need help with putting a social media policy in place Efficacy Plus can be of service.  Contact us via our contacts page or the below email for a consultation.

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To read Katrina’s full blog post click here:  Social Media Policy